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Simplify your mindset, time, and priorities so you can spend less time on your obligations and more time investing in yourself.

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My 5 favourite tools I use to make my digital life and lifestyle seamless.



I’m a Lifestyle and Digital Organization Expert, total team player, and passionate special needs mama! I light up empowering busy women to reduce overwhelm and save time by creating easy systems to eat, move, and live - simply!

My professional career began working for the largest advertising agencies in the world and has spanned to owning my own home decor importing business. Today I've found my two truest business loves. The first is teaching businesses and individuals how to use Apple products to enhance their lives and the second is to help women and mothers center their health and build an online business around it. Some of my past clients have included some of the world’s largest private equity investors as well as everyday people who want to reduce overwhelm and save time…

When I’m not consulting big biz, I LOVE living life in Toronto with my two boys (one with severe special needs) who challenge me every day to stay healthy and organized and inspired my mantra of “Eat, Move, Live, Simply”. Now, it’s become my mission to show you exactly how to gain clarity and ease so you can stop drowning in the clutter and start living in the most simple and more powerful thing - joy.



Ashley Short


Mind-Body Alignment Coach

"Natalie is a true GEM.  She is one of those people who lights up a room when she enters it.  I've worked with her for years, and she never fails to bring fun, joy, and a loving directness that gets you into action. She is the woman who will see the greatness within you, even when you may have lost sight of it yourself. Thank you Natalie for always believing in my greatness and being a shining example of what it means to follow your heart, live in your passion, and doing it all while managing a jam-packed mom life!"



Business Strategist, TEDx Speaker

"Since the first time I met Natalie, I've been blown away by her kindness, positivity,  intelligence and ability to add value to any environment she's in.  Whether it's helping someone troubleshoot a Mac issue to understanding how to treat their body (and treat themselves better), Natalie has a heart to serve. You couldn't ask for a more helpful and empowering leader and team player."

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 7.07.44 PM.png


Chef & Cancer Survivor

"Before I started working with Natalie I had been through stage 3 cancer. I am on a new medication regimen and had some weight gain. I was also just tired. I had been through a lot with my 3 children and husband. I felt like I was balancing a lot. I found my old friend, Natalie, so inspirational. Life does not get her down. She is excited about each day and wants to give each day her best self. She wants to do that for others. She created an awesome group of women, her and myself included. We would listen, cheer and help each other all around our ring- leader, Natalie. I always finished through group chats feeling better, happier and ready to conquer. I miss those days very much. Natalie is truly beautiful inside and out."

Eileen Christensen

Healthy Aging Specialist & Success Coach

"Natalie has been a very special and knowledgeable teammate of mine for over 5 years. Her spirit and genuineness drew you in and I felt I could trust and rely on her from day one. A generous and fun team member and friend. She’s the best!"



Success Mentor, Global Wellness Coach &  Professional Vocalist

"Natalie has been such a huge asset on our team and it is a pure joy to work with her. She has a keen eye for detail, brainstorming the best creative ideas and solutions, and for bringing the fun factor to every project or event.

Natalie admirably leads by personal example and transparency as she navigates her health, mom-life and business with a calm flow and grace. And most importantly, she exudes a genuine concern and commitment to the health and wellbeing of her clients and her team."

Kate Wells 2.jpeg


Special Needs Mom

“Natalie has been an amazing motivator and educator for me as I continue to make progress with my personal fitness goals. As we are both special needs parents, we also share a common bond in the particular stresses that our lives offer. She is well-informed, organized, and extremely easy to talk to. As the leader of a group of women working on our goals together, Natalie somehow manages to be both relatable and inspiring, with creative answers and ideas for almost any obstacle shared with her. I looked forward to seeing her smiling face and positive energy in our daily video messages, and I look forward to continuing working with her on future goals!”

Natalie B - About-08.png


Sleep Consultant

"Natalie is a superwoman, super mom, super tech-master, and overall incredible woman. I am blown away by the way her mind is able to categorize information, pair down complex ideas, and create simple solutions for an easier life! But the thing that I admire even more than Natalie’s strategic and organized mind is her beautiful heart. She invites everyone she meets on to her team - sharing about her sons, her passions, and all the 'hacks' that make life simple (and way less stressful)."

Susie Flemming 1.JPG


Special Needs Mom

“Natalie’s energy and passion for health and wellness is contagious! Her support helped me reach my goals in no time, and I made lifelong friendships along the way. Meeting and working with Natalie was a turning point in my life and I owe it all to her.”


In order to live my fullest, most organized, and happy life, I love using these go-to products. Now I’m sharing them with you, with lots of love!




BEA™ is a sparkling energy drink unlike anything you’ve ever enjoyed. Real, raw nutrients sourced from fruits and vegetables combine with naturally sourced caffeine and adaptogens to invigorate and refresh. And if that wasn’t enough, it tastes better than those other energy drinks, too!



Infused with an innovative blend of marine college peptide and power botanicals, Collagen Elixir™  indulges your skin with both beauty and nourishment from the inside out. Supports glowing skin plus healthy hair and nails, helps production to help maintain a more youthful appearance and hydrates skin from within for a healthy glow.



Organic Greens from Isagenix tastes amazing. Let’s repeat it for those in the back: It tastes minty and cucumbery and amazing! And with two whole servings of veggies from spinach and kale -- plus superfoods for that extra oomph -- it’s got even more nutrition than your typical green drink powder.


Do you love your Mac but feel like you aren't getting the most of it? Do you ever question what the heck the Cloud is and how on Earth you are supposed to use it? Do you feel like your email or files are everywhere and you can't find what you are looking for when you need it?


natmac consulting provides solutions for Apple enthusiasts through courses, corporate training, and when the pandemic permits, one-to-one training. You will learn to use and organize all your Apple products such as your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Apple computers. Let's teach you how to set up your network, printers, your iCloud and answer those odd questions you have! Line 'em up!


Whether you are a beginner user or an established professional who needs to get things done faster, we can help you.

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Take a peek into all things, Natalie. All posts are written with honesty, support, and love!



Are you ready to start making your life work for you, instead of you working for your life?


It’s time to take simple steps to organize, design, and take action!

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